The Best Instagram Places in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Best Instagram Places in Lanzarote, Instagrammable Canary islands

I’ve always been attracted by small islands with strong character. Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is one of those: a volcanic black gem with peculiar landscape and architecture. Check my list of the best Instagram places in Lanzarote, plan a gateway and follow the map with the photography locations. Since the climate is mild all year long, you really don’t have excuses!

Map: Best Instagram Places in Lanzarote

This map shows the best photography spots in Lanzarote to visit. For an easy planning, have a look to my practical travel tips at the end of the post!

1. Land art of la Geria

Lanzarote La Geria land art landscapeVolcanic eruptions transformed Lanzarote’s landscape into a dark moon. Thought most of the vegetation burnt, locals found the way to use the fertile soil to produce wine, indeed an excellent product of the island. How? Each vine is planted into a cone-shaped hollow excavated into the ground, sometimes embraced by circular stone walls as protection from the wind.

La Geria is surprisingly a land art masterpiece, so photogenic and unique that is one of the best photography spots of the island.  Furthermore, after shooting, you can relax in a winery with a glass of sweet wine, isn’t it appealing?

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2. Top view of the volcano

Lanzarote instagram spot on the top of the volcano

Make sure to book a window seat for your flight, because the view of the craters from above is stunning! Be ready to take cool photos and, if possible, include parts of the plane: these details can add a space shuttle vibe to your photos.

3. Timanfaya – Volcano National Park

Lanzarote Timanfaya Volcao Park landscape and El Diablo

Infinite layers between black and rusty red define a scattered and powerful landscape, in contrast with the blue sky and sea. No human signs, except the road that crosses the park: you stand there, small and armless, feeling the heat of the ground below your feet and remembering how alive is the Hearth. The architect/artist Cesar Manrique chose “El Diablo” (the Evil) as the symbol of the park for good reasons!

Designed as Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, Timanfaya is certainly the most visited park in Lanzarote. It extends for more than 50 square km, counting 25+ not active volcanoes and the temperature of its ground can reach up to 600 °C (1100 °F) at the depth of only 13 meters (43 ft).  As a welcome to the park, rangers provide the visitors with more information, improvising a small geyser show and fire tricks. For sure touristy, nevertheless well representative of the land’s energy!

Due to these reasons, the access is restricted and hiking without a guide is strictly prohibited: most probably you will be invited to leave the car in the parking and to join a tour by coach. Unfortunately it is not the best option for taking photos, however the small footpath nearby the restaurant still offers good views.

Carretera de Yaiza a Tinajo (LZ 67), km 11, 35560 Tinajo, Lanzarote

everyday, 9:00 – 17:45 (last coach’s departure at 17:00)

Visit the website

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4. Caleta del Mojon Blanco

Lanzarote Caleta del Mojon Blanco best beachAlthough the North of the island is less touristic and popular, it hides the best beach of Lanzarote: la Caleta del Mojon Blanco. Easy to reach, wild, quiet, with white sands and black rocks. Like most of the island, it is very windy, however you can find protection in one of the circle walls… like the small vine plants above, remember? 🙂

Extra travel tip: after the beach time, head to Orzola for the cheapest seafood ever.

 35541 Haría, Lanzarote

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5. Jameos del Agua – cenote

Jameos del Agua, architecture of Cesar Manrique in Lanzarote

Jameos del Agua is one of the masterpieces of the architect Cesar Manrique. Born and raised in Lanzarote, he dedicated his life to the preservation of his island, working toward a harmonic unity between Nature and Art.  His vision shaped the Lanzarote’s aesthetic of today, where the organic architecture, white and ethereal, is integrated into the harshness of the black landscape.

Jameos del Agua is what remains of the 6km lava tube created by the eruption of Volcan de la Corona. Manrique’s project transformed the majestic caves and the salty lake into an art/cultural center, adding a restaurant, gardens, a museum and auditorium. Elegant white waves flow in the cave’s walls, becoming seats, walking path and stairs: a plastic continuum only alternated with few orange splashes, a vintage taste from ’60.

Carretera Arrieta-Órzola, S/N, 35542, Lanzarote

 everyday 10:00 – 18:30

Additionally on Tuesday, Saturday and, in summer, on Wednesday: 19:00 – 00:00

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6. Jameos del Agua – turquoise pool

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote pool of Cesar Manrique

The outdoor pool is, without doubt, the climax of the Jameos del Agua and one of the best Instagram places in Lanzarote. It is a white pearl set in the volcanic ground, with incredible turquoise water and surrounded by a lush garden. Although you must resist to jump and swim, your desire to take photos will be for sure fulfilled!

7. Evening Clouds Show

Lanzarote is an island of surprises. Imagine our reaction when we saw for the first time this clouds’ phenomenon! Our host kindly explained that it is very common in the evening due to the change of air temperature, while his expression was clearly saying “Oh, this city people…!”.

Photography tip: Bring your tripod for a time-lapse to capture the clouds movement during the golden hour (in September around 19:00).

 Máguez 35541

8. Old Puerto del Carmen harbour

Puerto del Carmen old Town instagrammable spots

Even if Puerto del Carmen is known mainly for the nightlife, its old town and harbor have the most picturesque and instagrammable Lanzarote’s corners. Cubic volumes and dark stone basements are ideal for surrealist photos, furthermore the cute plants on the stairs are always a cool Instagram feed.

Photography tip: you can either choose daytime to contrast the white plaster and the blue sky or the golden hour to capture long shadows and play with the volumes.

9. Jardín de Cactus/ Cactus Garden

Bets instagra spots in Lanzarote, cactus garden/jardin de cactus

Another genius work of Cesar Manrique, aimed to restore the original place from the 19th cent.  Like other botanical gardens, you can walk through over 1100 cactus’ species, moreover in a unique artistic context rewarded in 2017 with the International Carlo Scarpa Prize.

(Who was Carlo Scarpa? Maybe the best Italian architect of 20th cent., if you appreciate Manrique definitively have a look for inspiration!)

The location offers incredible opportunities to shoot both macros and landscapes. With plenty of varieties of shapes and colors, I believe that the cactus is the best representation of Lanzarote: resilient, introvert, not easily approachable, indeed absolutely charming.

Carretera General del Norte, 5544  Guatiza, Teguise, Lanzarote

Every day, 1st July – 30th Sept 9:00 – 17:45

1st October – 30th June 10:00 – 17:45

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10. Mirador del Rio

Best Instagram places in Lanzarote, Mirador del Rio, panoramic view

Best Instagram places in Lanzarote, panoram view from Mirador del Rio

The uphill road that leads to the Belvedere makes you feel on the edge of the world, fighting against the strong wind and the fog. Finally you reach the Mirador del Rio, camouflaged on the top of 400 m high cliff as manifesto of Manrique’s architecture.

The restaurant with the glass facade is absolutely breathless, as well as the panoramic view toward la Graciosa island. However the real experience is waiting outside, in the narrow outdoor path around the building: only a slim handrail separates you from the void, scaring and attracting at the same time.

Photography tip: Mirador del Rio is not the easiest location for photography. The restaurant is quite dark, while from the glass facade a light waterfall gets into the space. The outdoor balcony is very windy, hold tight your equipment, especially if you use your mobile phone!

Carretera de Yé S/N HARÍA, 35541 Lanzarote

 everyday 10:00 – 18:45

11. Green doors in Teguise

Best Instagram places in Lanzarote, green doors in TeguiseArchitecture doesn’t always need a signature of an archi-star to be beautiful. Undeniably these facades in Teguise are the proof!

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12. Cueva de los Verdes

Best Instagram places in Lanzarote, Cuevas de los Verdes

If Jameos del Agua did not satisfy your underground curiosity, then head to the Cueva de Los Verdes, literally “The Cave of the Greens”, by the name of the family that used to own it. You can access and walk cross the lava tub, while the guide fills you with all the geological details.

Colorful lamps create an interesting atmosphere, moreover, at the end of your visit, a surprise will make you remember the cave forever! No spoils here and from your side resist to the temptation to google 🙂

Photography tip: As you can imagine, the large cave is dark and not easy to capture, therefore a tripod and bright lenses with wild angle are both essential!

35542 Arrieta, Lanzarote

 everyday 10:00 – 18:00

 13. Canary islands’ food

Lanzarote food papas arrugadas and octopus

Not a place, but a must in Lanzarote! Of course fish, seafood and octopus are fresh and delicious, however, the queen dish of Canary Islands’ cuisine is much simpler: papas arrugadas!

Traditionally served with three sauces called mojos (made of parsley, chili pepper and coriander), these small delicious boiled potatoes enclose the island’s taste, from the sea salt to the volcanic soil. In addition to this, they are as photogenic as tasty!

14. Costa de Papagayo

Best Instagram places in Lanzarote: costa papagayo

Playa Blanca and Costa de Papagayo are probably the most shared Instagram places in Lanzarote. They are both worthy of the crazy bumpy road to reach them (!), however, I am not sure if their fame is proportional to their beauty.

Only two suggestions: first drive slowly, second beat the crowd early in the morning or later in the afternoon, if you want to shoot at the sunset.

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15. Beach&Surf at La Caleta de Famara

Best Instagram places in lanzarote: Famara beach

Famara is a wild and windy beach on the west coast of Lanzarote, with a chilled out vibes incredibly different than the rest of the island. Several surf schools offer weekly course package and cheap accommodations, attracting indeed surfers and water sport lovers. If you are looking for some action photos, this is the right spot! 

Famara is also interesting for landscape photography, due to the reflections of the low tide and the massive cliffs that frame the beach. And if you are tired to shoot, you can always try out surfing!


Lanzarote travel tips

When to go. Canary Islands have a subtropical-desert climate, meaning pleasant temperature all year long and very few rainy days. These reasons make the travel destination particularly suitable during shoulder seasons, offering a warm escape easily accessible from Europe.

Average high/low monthly temperature in Lanzarote -
Monthly average high/low temperature in Lanzarote –

How to get to. Although small, Lanzarote has its own airport with several daily flights, including low cost. Have a look at available airlines to find out your most convenient departure!

Read also How To get cheap flights with 8 travel hacks

Where to stay. For a medium/long trip of at least 5 days, I would recommend to split your stay between Orzola in the North and Puerto del Carmen on the South-East coast. This choice will indeed allow you to visit the whole island without covering daily excessive distances.

How to explore Lanzarote. Renting a car is by far the best option to visit the island with freedom, moreover, it is unbelievable cheap! Roads are well maintained and even if the landscape is monotonous, driving is still a pleasure.

For a great discount, ask for a combo ticket (in Spanish “bolo”) once you reach the first attraction. You can choose between 3 up to 7 sites, basically includes all Manrique’s works, except for his Foundation and house. Check here for updated prices and conditions.

What to buy. Jewellery made of volcanic stones are a good idea to bring home a piece of Lanzarote 🙂 Also the production of aloe gel is very popular, just pay attention to the ingredients avoiding silicones and parabens.

Extra Lanzarote travel tips. As suggested by a dear friend of mine (that got seriously sun burnt in Lanzarote!), don’t underestimate the sun, even when it is cloudy and windy. You might feel your skin fresh, while in reality you are burning!

That’s all from my side, enjoy this small gem and get ready to land on another planet!


Have you visited Lanzarote or are you planning a trip? Tell me more!

If you have enjoyed the post, save it for later 😉

Best Instagram Places in Lanzarote, Instagrammable and best photography spots, with map!

Best Instagram Places in Lanzarote, Instagrammable and best photography spots, with map!Best Instagram Places in Lanzarote, Instagrammable and best photography spots, with map!

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