Visit Kiev in Ukraine: 15 Instagram Spots

Visit Kiev in Ukraine (Kyiv), best Instagram places

Whatever idea you might have about ex USSR cities, Kiev in Ukraine is a green metropolis with a millennial history that will blow your mind! Regardless the fact you might not speak Ukrainian or Russian, don’t be discouraged to visit Kiev (or Kyiv): book a flight and follow my instamap with best 15 Instagram places and things to do in the Capital of Ukraine.

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1. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

Visit Kiev in Ukraine (Kyiv), Kyiv St Michal church
When you visit Kiev, Saint Michael Church should on the top of the list of things to do

The light blue facade and the shining golden domes are a guaranteed eye catch and a must see in Kiev. Probably one of the most relevant Orthodox temples in Ukraine, it is actually a modern replica of the 12th cent. cathedral, demolished by Soviets in 1937. Moreover the geometry, color palette, and carved wooden doors are just gorgeous and a photography/Instagram heaven!

Triokhsviatytelska St, 8, Kyiv


2. Park Landscape Alley

Visit Kiev Instagram Kyiv: fun at Park Landscape Alley
Park Landscape Alley is a small artistic and fun park that cannot be missed

Landscape Alley is, without doubt, the most fun and vibrant area of the city. So be ready to travel back in time to your childhood and to jump into a surreal Alice in Wonderland!

Located on the Old Kyiv Hill, it is a small well-preserved park, most important habitat of colorful mosaic creatures. Sit in the giant cat’s mouth or play with the White Rabbit while forgetting about your age for half an hour:)

Peizazhna Alley, Kyiv

3. Street Art – Renaissance by Seth Globepainter

Visit Kiev in Ukraine (Kyiv), street art: murale Renaissance by Renaissance by Seth Globepainter
Street art is a cool reason to visit Kiev in Ukraine. In the photo Renaissance by Seth Globepainter

In the recent years, Kiev in Ukraine has seen a street art explosion. As a result, colors have covered huge grey soviet buildings in different part of the city, involving both local and international artists.

Mainly art expression, indeed these murals are developing a new tourism trend, with available Street Art Walking tours and also an online map catalog for a self-guided itinerary.

Renaissance is an artwork of the French artist Seth Globepainter teamed up with the Ukrainian Aleksey Kislow to create a vision of Ukraine, ready for a better future. Surely poetic and rich in details, it is definitely not to be missed for cool Instagram shots!

Borychiv Tik St, 33/6А, Kyiv

follow on Instagram @kyiv_murals  @seth_globepainter   @kislow 

4. Independence Square

Due to the location on the popular Khreschatyk Street, the Independence Square is undeniably the fulcrum of Kiev and most important the theater of the Country’s revolutions. Take your time to discover all the reference points: the Independence monument, the founders’ fountain, the massive Hotel Ukrayina, the flower clock and, above all, the commemorative panels of the 2014 events.

Have a look to the most booked hotel in Kiev

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5.  Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Visit Kiev in Ukraine, Kyiv Kyevo-Lavra complex
Visit Kiev in Ukraine, Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery

Also known as the Kiev Monastery of Caves, Lavra is listed into UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is indeed considered one of the main Eastern Orthodox Christian monument. Moreover, the extensive complex includes stunning cathedrals, monastery, museums, caves, and tunnels lighted by candles, gardens and a panoramic city view.  All reasons themselves to visit Kiev!

Lavrska St, 15, Kyiv

Visit the website

6. The Motherland Monument

Visit Kiev in Ukraine: Mother Kiev is the city symbol

The giant statue oversees and protects the city from above, both intimidating and maternal. The basement hosts the Second WW History museums and includes a heartbroken exhibition on the revolution of 2014 (unfortunately not available in English). In general, I must say that the sculptures are massive and threatening but also good opportunities to play creatively with contrasts!

Zapecherna St, Kyiv

Visit the website


7. People’s Friendship Arch/Friendship of Nations Arch

Though a bit ironically, the steel arch was erected in 80’s to celebrate the union of Ukraine and Russia and their mutual respect.

In case you expect to find a rainbow colorful monument, I need to warn you that it was only a temporary project due to Eurovision Song Contest 2017… probably painted it was even more memorable but the giant scale and the stunning view above Kiev are still pretty impressive!

Parkova Rd, Kyiv


8. Saint Sophia’s Cathedral

Visit Kiev in Ukraine (Kyiv): view from St Sophia's tower
View of Sofiyivska Square from the Bell Tower of Saint Sofia’s cathedral

St. Sophia is another beautiful cathedral but I would rather recommend a visit on the panoramic tower instead!

Volodymyrska St, 24, Kyiv

Visit the website


9. Podil/Andriivs’kyi descent

Podil is the old requalified district of Kiev, particularly suitable to hang around at evening or to stroll during the day while looking for a perfect Instagram shot. In addition to this, in case you need to buy souvenirs for your family and friends, Andriivs’kyi descent and its stands will cover you up!


10. Andrew’s Church

Mainly a stunning baroque church from 18th cent… even if you are thinking “another church??”, just have a look to the golden decoration of the domes and the candy colors of the walls to be convinced! In general, I am allergic… emmh… used to churches, although this comes from a fairy tale, don’t you agree?

Andriivs’kyi descent, 23, Kyiv

11. Funicular

Visit Kiev in Ukraine, instamap with Kyiv funicular station
Funicular station in art deco

I really hope that luck will assist you to find the funicular in function, unlike my case!

First of all, because you will avoid a long climb up to the hill, second because the two stations and the experience itself are well worthy!

Nyzhnia and Verkhnia stations


12. Soviet Architecture – Hotel Salute

Visit Kiev in Ukraine (Kyiv): instamap Hotel Salut as example of soviet modernism architecture
Hotel Salut is one of the best examples of Soviet Architecture you can still find in Kiev in Ukraine

Despite the poor appreciation of my friends, I could not exclude my passion for Soviet Architecture and so this is my choice: Hotel Salute! (Only one, don’t worry ^_^ )

In the remote case you share this interest with me, have a look to my map for more brutalist architecture pins and also to this great Archdaily article 

Ivana Mazepy St, 11-Б, Kyiv

If you want a full Soviet experience, book a room!

Share your best shots on Instagram with  #brutalism and @tripkitproject


13. Metro Stations

Visit Kiev Instagram Kyiv: vintage metro stations
A Wes Anderson shot in a Kiev’s metro station

In order to please everybody, metro stations in Kiev combine a posh architecture in marble with a ‘60s vintage atmosphere of light green tiles. I rather prefer the second! 🙂

Extra tips. To experience the deepest station in the world, have a look to Arsenalna station (-105,5 m). For a monumental shot, choose eventually Zoloti Vorota station, next to the Golden Gate.

14. Ukrainian food

Instagram Kiev, Kyiv Ukrainian tasty and cheap traditional food
Delicious Ukrainian food: borscht and cherry Varenyki

Ukrainian food is above all truthful but also as tasty as cheap!

Since this post’s title mentions “Instagram places”, here you are a couple of suggestions for your best foodie shots.  Katyusha Varenichnaya and Puzata Hata.  The last is the Ukrainian franchising version of fast food, therefore genuine starting from the name: “full belly”!

What to eat in Kiev? Surely the famous chicken kiev, a delicious roll filled with chicken, lard and herbs. But also borscht, a delicate and tasty cabbage soup and Varenyki, traditional Ukrainian dumplings. Yummi!

Visit Katyusha Varenichnaya’s website

Visit Puzata Hata’s website (unfortunately available only in Ukrainian and Russian, the website is still useful to recognize the logo and have an idea of the menu!)


15. Besarabsky Market

Photo by Travelettes

Rather than cheap and authentic, Besarabsky indoor market has the benefit to be central, safe and still a generous instagram source!

2, Bessarabs’ka Square, Kyiv

Visit Kiev in Ukraine InstaMap

To sum up my travel and photography tips, here you are the instamap for your visit of Kiev in Ukraine!

Kiev Instagram Accounts

For more inspirations, follow these Kiev Instagram accounts and share with them your best shots for a feature!

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Are you going to visit Kiev in Ukraine soon? Have you already been? Tell me more!

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